Monday, August 17, 2009

Poetry: Don't drive in the Nail

( St. Andrew's air base, 2003...)

Why are you draping the coffin
with a national flag?
Oh, please, please do not drive in the nail.
Inside the coffin it is dark and damp,
no light, no air.
Jimi is prone to cold.
He called two days ago,
"I'll be back in a few days
saved some money."
Before he left,
I kissed the scar on his forehead.
"Take good care of yourself,
and call me often,
or I will be worried sick."
Jimi laughed and said, "Don't worry mom,
I'll be back in a few months
when the war is over."
Jimi turned twenty two last March.
Oh, please, please don't drive in the nail.
I know, Jimi is alive.
Startling me with bombshell kisses
he will say, "Mom, I love you"
and laugh.
I am sitting,
waiting on the porch,
to smell his sun-drenched body.

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