Monday, August 17, 2009

Poetry: The Peace Dove of Picasso

Come oh peace, have a sit.
Here is the easy chair for you on the porch.
Oh peace, Om peace in every household.
Oh peace come with the shower of bombs,
Be indifferent when the virgin girls are raped.
Oh! you clever peace dove
having your nest in Yankiland.
We need oil, need wealth, want to buy the peace.
Oh my guileless, dear dove, the mafioso of peace.
We will distribute it with proper doze
as per country, time and per persons.
We know the mantra of ginning and carding
to seize you by the neck.
Your tummy will make drum beat,
you will realize the sea of tranquility.
The Picasso is on the wall--Jamila khatun.
The murderers are singing peace song.
Let's cover quickly
the painting of Guernica in U.N.O.
Here the peace dove is bloodied. Dead.

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